Peter Navarro Warns of Political Targeting from Jail

( – Speaking from prison, former Trump administration trade adviser Peter Navarro warned that the political prosecutions of himself, former President Trump, and Steve Bannon were solely brought to interfere with the 2024 presidential election.

Navarro is set to be released from prison just a few weeks after Bannon starts his four-month prison sentence. Bannon is one of the most dominant voices for Republicans during his twice-daily War Room podcast, but will be silenced in the last four months leading up to the election.

Navarro pointed out that he made history when he was found guilty of contempt of Congress but maintained that he did nothing wrong. He said that Democrats had their hand in every aspect of his and Trump’s prosecutions. Navarro said that he believes Judge Juan Merchan will sentence Trump to prison and hold him in jail while he waits for an appeal. The judge overseeing Navarro’s case refused to allow him to remain free while awaiting his appeal, which will likely not happen until after he has served his four-month prison sentence. Navarro hinted that he would pursue a lawsuit against the Department of Justice when he wins his appeal, writing that the judge’s refusal will have caused him to be “irreparably harmed.”

Navarro spoke about the conditions of the Miami prison that has become his temporary home. He complained about the unhealthy food that prisoners are served and the outdated exercise equipment. At 74 years old, Navarro is noticeably physically fit and conscientious of his diet. Navarro was asked if he believed he would be in prison right now if he were a Democrat. He explained that there was no way he would have been targeted if he was playing for the same team that was responsible for the incessant lawfare against Republicans. He warned that the Democrats will continue to pursue political prosecutions until they “fear they could wind up in the same prisons” as him and the others awaiting their fate.

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