Peru’s President Dethroned After Calling To Dissolve Government

Peru's President Dethroned After Calling To Dissolve Government

( – On December 7, before legislators had a chance to cast their votes for a third attempted impeachment, Peruvian President Pedro Castillo appeared on TV and announced he was “temporarily” dissolving Congress and installing an emergency government to “re-establish the rule of law.” Many people in the government immediately resigned, followed by legislators calling for a vote to remove the president from his position.

In 2021, Castillo ran for office with promises to fix the struggling economy and bring more citizens in rural communities out of poverty. The politician was the first Leftist to hold the position in many years. Once in office, it appeared he had other plans. In fact, Peru’s Congress had tried unsuccessfully to impeach the leader twice before over the course of 16 months.

Authorities arrested Castillo for his attempted coup, and the government ushered in its first woman president, Dina Boluarte — who was serving as vice president at the time.

Federal prosecutors made it clear that Peru is a “democratic and sovereign Republic,” and no one ranks above the country’s constitution. In October, those in the judicial system accused the former president of heading up an organization filled with legislators and family members who were allegedly breaking the law. Soon after, protesters called for his resignation, but he remained in power.

The ousted president is now being held in Lima, Peru, on charges of “conspiracy” and “rebellion.”

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