Pence Announces the Country’s First Two Space Force Bases

Pence Announces the Country's First Two Space Force Bases

( – In 2018, President Donald Trump announced he added a sixth branch to the military: the US Space Force. The branch will command missions in outer space. Now, the new force has two places to call home.

Bases for the Space Force

During a meeting of the National Space Council on December 9, Vice President Mike Pence announced the first two Space Force bases. The newest military branch will have two homes, both in Florida. The White House dropped “Air Force” from the names of two existing bases and dedicated them as Space Force installations.

Patrick Space Force Base and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station are the new homes of the sixth military branch. Pence called it a “great day for America.” Chief of Space Operations Gen. John Raymond said the day marked a “new era” at both installations.

The only changes thus far, have been the names. The military hasn’t remodeled the bases to house the Space Force, and it’s not entirely clear what it would need to do to upgrade the locations.

During his speech, the vice president reiterated the Space Force’s goal of building a base on the moon to serve as a training location “for future deep-space missions.”

President Trump’s Vision

When President Trump announced he was going to build a space force, Democrats laughed at him. Leftists called the sixth branch “dumb” and made other disparaging remarks. They couldn’t see his vision or understand it. Their reactions didn’t matter because the commander-in-chief was looking toward the future.

The president told troops he was creating the new military branch to aid the US in the “tremendous amount of work in space” it does. If battles between countries eventually make it to space, doesn’t it make sense to prepare the country for that? Or would Liberals prefer to just wait around until it’s too late?

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