Pelosi Remains Steadfast With Democrats on Midterm Elections

Pelosi Remains Steadfast With Democrats on Midterm Elections

Nancy Pelosi Confident Democrats Will Win Midterm Elections

( – On May 24, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show, where she talked about the importance of her fellow Democrats winning and retaining seats in Congress during the upcoming midterm elections. The California lawmaker said she has “no intention” of losing the election to Republicans because the Democratic agenda is “progressive and bold.” She also seemed to say the Right is putting forth a menacing message, although the long-time politician didn’t elaborate on what she meant.

Pelosi’s Election Words

During the interview, Pelosi said typically, the sitting president “loses seats in the off-year” but insists it won’t happen this time. She said Democrats will focus on one race at a time and will mobilize to win in November. In fact, the House Speaker seems to think a Democratic win is not optional but imperative. Pelosi said the United States democracy is on the line and “on the ballot” along with America’s freedom.

She then started talking about money and how the Left won’t have an unending amount of funds, but they’ll have enough to claim victory. Pelosi claimed Democrats who won in 2020 are in a strong position, but Liberals want more seats, and she vowed to get them.

It appears to be an ominous message for voters that the only way to retain freedom in the US is to vote Blue, one of which she offered no specifics. Pelosi has served the country in a congressional position since 1987, so she has tenure and experience behind her words. However, the tactic may look more like an attempted strategy to rile up the Democratic base.

Where Congress Stands

Currently, in the House of Representatives, Democrats hold 224 seats, while Republicans hold 210, according to a May 25 report. The same breakdown shows 48 Democrats in the Senate, 2 Independents, and 50 Republicans. Although the Left seems to have a simple majority with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking voting ties, most legislation requires 60 votes to pass the Upper Chamber. Each party is likely striving to gain a supermajority in order to implement their respective agendas.

While Pelosi is correct in that the sitting president’s party usually loses control in the midterm election, there are other factors to consider during this cycle. Many issues, including abortion, equal rights, crime, immigration, inflation, and coronavirus measures are likely to be on the minds and hearts of voters when they cast their ballots.

Do you think Democrats have a chance at retaining control in Congress, or do you believe a Red wave is on the way come November?

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