Paul Pelosi Plot THICKENS – Mainstream Media Too Afraid To Share This!

NBC Pulls Article Challenging Paul Pelosi Narrative

NBC Pulls Article Challenging Paul Pelosi Narrative

( – On November 4, The Blaze reported that NBC News recently ran a story about the attack on Paul Pelosi. This is normal, considering its high-profile nature. However, the outlet subsequently pulled the piece from the “Today Show” site, and that’s causing a lot of raised eyebrows.

According to the outlet, the article said the victim answered the door when police arrived at his home, then backed up toward David DePape without reporting the danger of the situation.

NBC News explained the piece was erroneously posted, as it did not meet “reporting standards.”

After police entered the home, they asked what was going on, and DePape answered that everything was okay. However, a struggle broke out between the two men, and Mr. Pelosi was hit in the head with a hammer. Authorities reportedly tackled the suspect to subdue him, and the victim was unconscious for several minutes with a fractured skull.

According to the Washington Post, cameras caught the suspect “breaking a glass panel” with a hammer and entering the Pelosi home.

Capitol Police said they’ve been trying to improve security but have been facing a steep uptick in threats against sitting members of Congress. Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger stated “additional layers” of protection will be necessary.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her family will view the bodycam footage from police, but it will not be immediately available to the public — if at all.

Why do you think NBC News pulled the piece?

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