Organizations Urge Biden to Get Along With Putin

Organizations Urge Biden to Stop Destructive Rhetoric

( – Former President Donald Trump made an effort to form relationships with countries America previously had adversarial relations with, including Russia. The 45th president spoke to Vladimir Putin on the phone periodically and even met with him a few times. President Joe Biden doesn’t seem interested in carrying on that legacy of diplomacy, and now, organizations are speaking out.

On March 30, in a statement reportedly obtained by The Hill, 27 organizations issued a statement asking Biden to conduct “constructive bilateral talks” with Russia. It said, in part, that the groups are “deeply alarmed by the recent negative exchanges” between the US and Russia. They pointed out that the two world superpowers hold more than 90% of the globe’s nuclear warheads, and they implored Biden to stop the “reckless rhetorical exchanges” with Putin.

The groups that signed the letter include Left-wing groups, Progressive Democrats of America, Justice Democrats, and others.

Before the 2020 election, Biden promised to bring diplomacy back. So, far there hasn’t been much action on that front. In fact, it seems as though he is doing the exact opposite.

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