Obama Suggests Joe Biden Is “Finishing the Job”

Obama Suggests Joe Biden Is

(LibertySociety.com) – When President Joe Biden began staffing his administration, political pundits noticed something odd: many of the officials he was choosing used to work for former President Barack Obama’s administration. A few months into the Biden administration, Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted Obama and the president speak frequently. New comments by the 44th POTUS are once again shining a light on just how much influence he has on the new administration.

On June 1, “The Ezra Klein Show” released an interview with Obama. During the conversation, the former president said the Biden administration is “finishing the job.” He explained that 90% of the officials who used to work for him and are in the current administration “are continuing and building on the policies we talked about…”

The former president went on to say he thinks the Biden administration will convince more people to move to the Left. He said he believes his presidency started making people more progressive, especially young people. If Biden can move the electorate 5%, “that makes a difference,” Obama said.

Obama isn’t going to have long to wait to see if his predictions will come true, because the 2022 elections are just over a year away. The American people will decide then if they want Obama’s failed policies or Republican policies.

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