Obama Ally Explodes Against Joe Biden: “I’m Disgusted”

Obama Ally Explodes Against Joe Biden:

(LibertySociety.com) – In 2017, Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub Jr. resigned from his position in the government. At the time, he criticized Donald Trump and his administration for a number of things, including the president’s refusal to divest in his businesses. Four years later, he’s going after President Joe Biden, as well.

On June 18, the Washington Post revealed at least five children of Biden’s top aides are working within his administration. Shaub, who worked for former President Barack Obama too, quickly took to Twitter to condemn the hirings. He said he’s “disgusted” by the news because many people, including himself, “worked hard to tee him up to restore ethics” to the government. He said he feels that this display of nepotism is a big “f*** you” to the people who supported Biden and “government ethics.”

Shaub didn’t stop there. He also called out Democrats who spent years criticizing former President Trump and Republicans but remained silent about this breach. He called them “pathetic” and claimed, “nepotism is illegal.”

According to the House Committee on Ethics, federal law prohibits any government member from “appointing, promoting, or recommending for appointment or promotion any ‘relative’ to positions of authority.” As of this writing, the Biden administration has not responded to Shaub.

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