Obama Advisor Axelrod Turns On Biden

(LibertySociety.com) – President Biden’s campaign has no trouble when it comes to fundraising from big-money donors, but his public polling has lagged in recent weeks. The Democrats have long held that former President Trump winning the Republican primary election would be the best bet for Biden’s reelection chances.

One former advisor to President Barack Obama recently disagreed with that strategy and was not afraid to speak out. David Axelrod, who served for two years as Obama’s senior advisor and helped him win two terms, said that he hoped Biden’s campaign did not “think the polls are wrong, because they’re not.” Former President Trump recently polled ahead of Biden in many battleground states, which Axelrod believes needs to be taken seriously.

Biden reportedly called Axelrod a prick after his November 5 post on X, formerly Twitter. Axelrod said that he was not concerned with Biden calling him a prick and that he would “live with the fact that the president’s unhappy” with him. He questioned whether Biden would be running for himself or the country when speaking about his dismal polling in key states. New York Times journalist Maureen Dowd published an opinion piece in agreement with Axelrod on November 19. He provided comment for the article, doubling down on his belief that the president should avoid taking the same approach that Hillary Clinton did when she lost in 2016. Axelrod said that it is possible that Biden has a less than 50 percent chance of beating Trump and that he needs to take action.

Biden’s campaign has attempted to paint Trump’s campaign as a threat to the nation, but those efforts have mostly fallen flat. A November 19 NBC News poll showed Biden losing to Trump by two percentage points. Most stunningly, a November 17 Harvard-Harris poll showed Trump up by six percentage points. In most polls over the last several months, Biden was ahead of Trump by one to three percentage points. While Biden’s campaign is seemingly ignoring the polls, Trump has wasted no time touting his lead.

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