NYC Bodega Man Fears for His Life, Considers Leaving the City for Good

NYC Bodega Man Fears for His Life, Considers Leaving the City for Good

DEATH THREATS Issued – He May Have To Flee The City

( – As crime continues to rise in New York City, one bodega employee who recently had to fight for his life is considering leaving the US for good. Local District Attorney Alvin Bragg charged Jose Alba, 61, with murder after he killed his attacker at his place of business in self-defense on July 1.

A public outcry ensued, prompting the prosecutor to backtrack on his decision and drop the man’s bail from half a million to $250,000 before dropping the charges altogether on July 19. Sadly, the man spent “about a week” on Rikers Island before his release. The traumatized worker has not been able to return to the Manhattan Blue Moon convenience store since.

The harrowing incident is just one example of crime running rampant in the city. A report from the New York Police Department shows illegal activity was up a startling 36.79% since the beginning of 2022. Robberies alone were up 39.4% in the Big Apple during that period, and weekly numbers show a near 30% jump comparing July 31 numbers this year to the same time in 2021.

The head of the bodega, Francisco Marte, said Alba is spending time “upstate” before traveling back to the Dominican Republic, where he might stay indefinitely.

What do you think about the convenience store incident and how it was handled by authorities and the DA? Are you surprised by the rising crime in New York?

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