NY Times Columnist Admits He Was Wrong About Trump Supporters

NY Times Columnist Admits He Was Wrong About Trump Supporters

Trump-Bashing NYT Columnist CONFESSES – He’s Come Clean!

(LibertySociety.com) – On July 21, writer Bret Stephens wrote an opinion piece in The New York Times titled, “I Was Wrong About Trump Voters,” where he back-peddled on some of his previous words. Although he doesn’t regret anything he said about former President Donald Trump and his close companions, the wordsmith said he shouldn’t have used a “broad swipe” to characterize the voters who supported the previous US leader.

Instead of attacking the base, Stephens wondered if it would have been a better idea to ask what they saw in Trump that he was missing.

Considering the writer is a member of what he refers to as “the protected,” shielded from the “harsh edges” of life, Stephens admitted he was blind to those who do not have that privilege. According to him, it was the people in that particular demographic whom Trump spoke to the most. They were looking at him as an outlier to corrupt politicians in office and someone who would speak for them. Rather than berate them, the columnist said he should have tried to understand them if he wanted to share his point of view. He said the words he chose only strengthened their resolve.

Now, he understands where those voters were coming from and why they made the choice to support the previous president. Stephens pointed to the Steele dossier hoax and the media’s coverage of the allegations as proof of their disdain for those against Trump — someone they felt would buck the “failing status quo.”

In the future, Stephens opines that it would be best to see the other side without jumping to conclusions. Do you agree?

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