NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Leaves NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller’s Wake Early

(LibertySociety.com) – New York Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul was given a chilly reception when she arrived at the wake of fallen NYPD officer Jonathan Diller. In a video of the undoubtedly embarrassing moment for Hochul, she was seen talking to a man for around a minute before turning and walking back to her motorcade. Bystanders were heard clapping during the now-viral video. The incident occurred just one day after Vincent Vallelong, the President of the NYPD’s Sergeants Benevolent Association, sent a letter to union members with a preemptive warning about certain officials showing up for political reasons.

Vallelong wrote that they would go to the funeral and “shed a few crocodile tears” and seat themselves in the perfect place for a photo opportunity. He continued, blasting the elected officials who lodge “constant criticism, cynicism, negativity, and frivolous accusations” toward police. Contrarily, former President Trump was welcomed at the wake with open arms. His unwavering support of police officers, not just when it is politically convenient, was recognized by the family of Diller and the union. Trump spoke to the press upon leaving the wake, where he emphasized the need to return the country to law and order.

Vallelong expressed his anger toward the anti-police New York City politicians for their online posts about Diller’s death, arguing that they were motivated by politics. Diller was shot by a career criminal who has spent multiple stints in prison and was arrested at least 21 times. NYC Mayor Eric Adams called on the state legislature to do something about criminal recidivism during a press conference outside the hospital where Diller died.

During a March 30 Easter event in Albany at the governor’s mansion, Hochul told Politico that she was not told to leave by anyone and that she had spoken to Diller’s wife and other family members. She said that her office checked before deciding to go to the wake, and she was told to come. Hochul was reportedly confronted by a family member who blamed her for the state’s bail laws that led to Diller’s death, but her office refused to comment on the matter.

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