Nursing Home Resident Kills Another Over Washing Machine Spat

( – A tragic event unfolded at the Salem Village Nursing and Rehabilitation facility in Illinois on November 17 when one resident killed another resident during an altercation over the use of a washing machine. William Paschall, 71, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder by the Joliet Police Department for beating 61-year-old Michael Pappas to death. Staff members called 911 while attempting to stop the fight. Paschall reportedly dealt multiple blows to Pappas’ head with his fists and the victim’s walker.

Staff members attempted to provide medical aid and CPR to Pappas until emergency medical services arrived, but he died before he could be transported to the hospital. Paschall was also charged with aggravated battery to a person over 60 years of age.

Two staffers who witnessed the altercation said that Paschall began scolding Pappas while he was sitting in his chair-style walker. He briefly spoke with Pappas, questioning if he was going to clean the laundry room. The staff members reportedly tried to prevent the altercation, but Paschall stood up and pulled Pappas by the arm.

Paschall then began punching Pappas multiple times and knocked him onto the floor. He grabbed Pappas’ walker and began hitting him in his body and head and yelled “Die mother f*cker.” An employee pushed Paschall back into his wheelchair, but Pappas began seizing. The witnesses told police that the two men had never had a problem with each other until that day, but that Paschall was often involved in arguments with other residents.

Pappas was a resident at the facility for seven years, while Paschall had been there for just over one year. The witnesses said that Pappas never caused any trouble and was a very respectful person. Pappas’ niece also spoke very highly of him after learning about his death. Paschall provided two different accounts of the attack to police, first claiming that he was concerned with Pappas cleaning up feces in the laundry room when Pappas swore at him. He later told the police that he threatened Pappas and was guilty of having a bad temper.

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