North Carolina Fishermen Catch Fish With Humanoid Teeth

North Carolina Fishermen Catch Fish With Humanoid Teeth

( – When visiting Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head, North Carolina, you can enjoy the sunset, watch people surf, and throw your fishing line in the Atlantic to catch some fish — with human-like teeth. That’s what happened recently when a couple of fishermen cast their rods into the waves and reeled in a nine-pound Sheepshead fish.

The Sheepshead, otherwise known as the Convict Fish, has black and white scales and multiple rows of teeth it uses to crush the shellfish it prefers to eat. But the front part of the fish’s mouth looks as if it scooped up dentures off the ocean floor and popped them in.

Originally from its namesake, Sheepshead Bay in southern Brooklyn, New York City, the unusual, grinning sea creature now swims along the Atlantic coast from Canada to South America. But anglers can find plenty of the species in the warm waters of the Outer Banks.

When you set your hook, the last thing you expect to see is a complete set of pearly whites on your catch of the day. But don’t worry, this omnivorous and tasty swimmer has no interest in using its teeth to bite you. If you’re lucky, maybe it’ll just flash a little smile for the camera to commemorate the day on the water.

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