Nonprofits Suffer Under Weight of the Pandemic

Nonprofits Suffer Under Weight of the Pandemic

( – When cities and states shut down in 2020 to slow the coronavirus spread, the resulting changes touched almost every aspect of American life. Millions of people were suddenly out of work and in need of help. Small businesses went under from the weight of paying their overhead expenses without any revenue. Non-profits were among the organizations that received the brunt of the economic hit.

Nonprofits Struggle to Survive

On Wednesday, March 3, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy and research organization Candid released a study about the state of nonprofits across the country. They studied 300,000 groups to see how they would do under various scenarios. The worst result showed 38% of the organizations closing due to the damage inflicted during the pandemic.

According to the study, the organizations in the most trouble are those involved in entertainment and art. That’s the result of not being able to hold events to raise money through ticket revenue and the like. But those aren’t the only nonprofits in trouble.

Charitable Organizations Struggle

In December, the Associated Press reported donations to the Salvation Army were down 18% for the year, and its holiday campaign only received half the money it did in 2019. Other organizations received donations but didn’t have the staff they needed and were struggling under the increased demand of people who needed help.

Food banks are an example of another type of nonprofit that have undergone hardship. The Georgia Food Bank Association, for example, has experienced a “sustained 50% increase in demand” since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the state’s attorney general, Chris Carr. Other food banks around the country have faced similar challenges.

The issues facing nonprofits have left many people wondering what they can do to help. Obviously, donating money or goods is something the organizations can always use. However, that’s not always possible. Volunteering time is also very helpful.

Whether you give a lot, or just a little, every bit of aid is helpful right now.

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