Nikki Haley Urges Republicans to Keep Supporting Ukraine

( – Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has been steadfast in her belief that the United States should provide continued support to Ukraine. Many Republicans have begun questioning the seemingly unconditional support to the war-torn country, but not Haley. During a September 10 interview with CNN, Haley told host Jake Tapper that Congress should not “pull an Afghanistan,” stating, “Don’t go pulling out now.” While America is technically not actively participating in the war between Russia and Ukraine with troops on the ground, billions of dollars in aid have been given to Ukraine since the war began in February 2022.

Haley argued that only 3.5 percent of the United States defense budget has been spent on Ukraine aid after Tapper asked her opinion on recent Republican opposition to additional funding. Some lawmakers plan to oppose the $24 billion for Ukraine that is included in the spending bill that will be debated in the coming weeks. Haley went on to speculate that Russia will seek to take more territory if it is successful in defeating Ukraine. She told Tapper that the country would go after Poland and the Baltic states next, which would lead to a war with direct American involvement. She told Tapper that sending aid to Ukraine to fend off Russia would prevent that from happening, although it remains unclear whether the country is capable of defeating Russia.

Haley told Tapper that she did not support putting American soldiers on the ground in Ukraine, but her comparison to the Afghanistan withdrawal may leave some scratching their heads. A likely battle will unfold within the Republican Party when the House decides what will be included in the continuing resolution (CR) bill that must be passed in September to continue funding the government. The House Freedom Caucus recently published a list of demands that must be fulfilled if Speaker McCarthy wants its support. McCarthy is reportedly considering removing the funding for Ukraine from the CR while also attaching some of the caucus’s wish list. However, if he chooses this path, he will also bring forward a standalone bill to send more money to Ukraine. It is unknown if Senate Republicans or President Biden will go along with McCarthy’s idea, but the deadline to pass the CR is September 30.

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