NFL Fan Dies After In-Stadium Fight

( – A tragic incident occurred during an NFL game at Gillette Stadium on September 17, leaving one person dead. New England Patriots fan Daley Mooney, 53, of New Hampshire, passed away after getting into a physical altercation with a Miami Dolphins fan. Joey Kilmartin, who witnessed and recorded the punch that knocked Mooney unconscious, said that he watched a man in a Dolphins jersey throw two punches at Mooney. He said that after the second punch, Mooney “just kind of slumped over at that point in his seat.” The two men were reportedly arguing back and forth throughout the entire game leading up to the physical altercation. Kilmartin said that the Dolphins fan was removed from the stadium by police. First responders came to Mooney’s aid in the stands, where they attempted to revive him. He was taken by ambulance to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead later that night. No charges were filed against the man, as authorities believed that he experienced a medical incident during the game.

On September 20, the Norfolk County District Attorney’s office released a statement that confirmed the initial belief that Mooney died as the result of a medical incident. An official cause of death has still not been released, but the preliminary autopsy results “did identify a medical issue.” The statement also said that the autopsy showed no traumatic injuries that would have resulted in Mooney’s death. Mooney’s wife, Lisa, was devastated and shocked about the tragedy. She wants answers as to how her husband’s death occurred but is still in disbelief. The Mooney’s have two children, both boys.

Officials from Gillette Stadium expressed their condolences to the Mooney family in a statement, writing that they were “heartbroken.” Mooney bought season tickets for the last 30 years, and stadium officials said that he was a lifelong fan of the Patriots. The statement also said that officials are assisting authorities with the investigation into the tragedy.

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