Newt Gingrich Says Republican ‘Tsunami’ Is Coming

Newt Gingrich Says Republican 'Tsunami' Is Coming

( – After newly-elected Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia on November 2, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) shared some predictions for the 2022 elections. Considering the Democratic defeat, the American politician believes Republicans could flip four seats in the Senate and 40 to 70 seats in the House, creating an electoral “tsunami” of epic proportions.

Gingrich thinks the only way to prevent such a thing from happening would be for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to adjust the Democratic Party strategy and align more with the desires of the American people. However, he believes they won’t be able to manage such a feat.

Reflecting on the Virginia election, the president blamed the loss on the administration’s recent struggles, but congratulated the winner. Gingrich simply sees the victory as a sign of things to come. He encourages Republicans running for election in 2022 to “study Youngkin’s acceptance speech” and follow his positive vision for the country.

If the Right listens to and connects with the American people while highlighting the Left’s unpopular “big government socialism” agenda, then the former politician and author feels Republicans will have no problem taking both chambers of Congress as soon as the coming year.

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