Newt Gingrich Says Biden’s Divisive Plan Not “Unity”

Newt Gingrich Says Biden's Divisive Plan Not

( – President Joe Biden campaigned on the promise that he was going to “unite” America. He wanted voters to think he was a white knight who would come in and save the day. Then he rode into the White House and immediately began dividing. One prominent Republican is now calling him out.

In a January 23 op-ed for Fox News, Newt Gingrich slammed Biden and the media. The former House speaker said the new president’s inauguration speech was one of “classic American bipartisanship and civic goodwill.” Then, just a couple of hours later, the POTUS signed a flurry of executive orders that would do nothing but “totally contradict his pledge of bipartisanship.” He almost immediately began dismantling former President Donald Trump’s achievements.

Gingrich also posted on Twitter, saying that if Biden really wanted to unify, he’d end the impeachment sham.

It’s one thing to enter office wanting to make positive changes for the country and its people. But by reversing so much of the progress Trump has made in his first week, Biden is only serving to push the people further apart.

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