News Host Under Fire for Horrifying On Air Comment

( – Former GB news host Laurence Fox is under fire yet again after making a controversial post on X, formerly Twitter. Responding to the United States and United Kingdom’s retaliatory attacks on the Houthis in Yemen, Fox wrote, “Now do the English Channel.” His post was referring to the frequent small-boat crossings of migrants to the United Kingdom. Nearly 30,000 made their way to claim asylum in the UK in 2023, and many drownings have occurred. Fox was met with instant backlash from users balking at his comparison of terrorists and asylum seekers. One commenter wrote, “There speaks the voice of one nasty human being.”

In a subsequent post, Fox attacked UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for financially supporting the war in Ukraine while failing to protect the borders of the UK. He went on the blast the Biden administration for its escalation of tensions in the Middle East, as well as the UK’s involvement. He accused the United States government of being warmongers and noted the botched Afghanistan withdrawal. He chided Sunak, asking if he could take care of the UK “before bombing the hell out of someone else.” He concluded by noting that he would prefer his children to grow up outside of a nuclear bunker.

Back in October 2023, Fox was arrested in Stockwell by the Met Police following comments he made during a guest appearance on Maajid Nawaz’s podcast. Authorities suspected he had conspired with a group of activists to destroy ULEZ surveillance cameras installed by the government to monitor automobile activities in certain areas. Fox was fired from GB News in October after he made derogatory comments toward female journalist Ava Evans. During an interview on Don Wootton’s show, Fox questioned the type of man who would have intercourse with her. His comments were in response to Evans’ dismissal of the need for a men’s mental health minister to curb suicides. Wootton also faced repercussions for ignoring instructions in his earpiece to end the discussion and failing to read an on-air apology later in the broadcast.

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