New York Times Claims “Dullness” Is Joe Biden’s Secret Weapon

New York Times Claims

( – On December 6, The New York Times wrote a piece comparing recent leaders in the US and Britain where the outlet concluded President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak have been effective in their roles because they’re largely … boring. Coming in on the heels of former President Donald Trump and former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, both of who have been described as larger-than-life figures, the “dullness” may be working to the advantage of each of the new leaders.

The article explained that Biden and Sunak have used their laid-back approaches to calm down their respective countries in the wake of boisterous leaders and a global pandemic. Both leaders faced an economic crisis when they took office, and the NYT believes the US leader’s approach might offer a path forward for political recovery.

Sunak and Biden might not be the best speakers to draw large crowds, but they seem to have something else to offer their countries — experience and know-how. The source guessed the pair’s low approval rating might be, in part, due to a difference in tone from their predecessors. The articles pointed to the Democratic performance during the US midterm elections as proof of its assessment.

Although Sunak supporters aren’t going so far as to compare him to Biden, they have said his steadfast competence in his position and low-key style is helping to stabilize the country. In fact, Senior Minister Michael Gove said, “boring is back.”

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