New Revelation in Jeffrey Epstein’s Relationship With Ghislaine Maxwell

New Revelation in Jeffrey Epstein's Relationship With Ghislaine Maxwell

( – British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell is currently sitting in a federal detention center awaiting trial. She’s accused of aiding her former boyfriend, convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, in his sex trafficking ring. The deceased financier allegedly trafficked underage girls with the help of Maxwell. A new documentary reveals the date the relationship between the two started and it turns out it was much earlier than previously thought.

According to the new documentary, Ghislaine Maxwell: Epstein’s Shadow, she knew the billionaire pedophile much longer than originally revealed. It was previously thought that she got to know Epstein after her father, Robert Maxwell, died in 1991. However, the documentary reports she may have actually begun the relationship in the 1980s. That’s when her friends, like Prince Andrew, were allegedly getting involved in Epstein’s network.

Emma Cooper, the executive producer of the documentary, said they used court documents and conducted more than 200 interviews to find new information. After gathering all of that, she explained that the crew felt comfortable asserting that the two actually knew each other in the ‘80s. But, they still don’t know exactly when the relationship started.

The revised timeline may prompt questions about whether Epstein and Maxwell started working together much sooner than previously believed and whether other victims from the 1980s could be out there.

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