New Report Predicts HR1 Bill Will Cause Chaos

New Report Predicts HR1 Bill Will Cause Chaos

( – In March, the House of Representatives passed the “For the People Act,” a sweeping voting rights bill. The legislation, also known as HR 1, will take a lot of the power to oversee elections away from states and put it in the federal government’s hands. That’s because it has a number of mandates, like allowing pre-registration for teenagers, restoring voter rights, and expanding voter registration. And, a new report predicts the bill would cause chaos if it ever becomes a law.

A new report by the Honest Elections Project outlines the problems with HR1. The organization explains the reforms would overwhelm the states. It also stated if the new regulations are implemented so close to an election, they have the “potential to create confusion, chaos, fraud, and litigation.”

The group has also agreed the “For the People Act” would change the system drastically.

Currently, the legislation is in the Senate. Republicans have indicated that they will not pass the bill, and Democrats do not have the 60 votes they need to overcome the filibuster. Unless the Senate changes rules, it’s unlikely HR1 will become law during the current session.

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