New Poll Shows Most Americans Think Government Is Too Involved

New Poll Shows Most Americans Think Government Is Too Involved

( – One thing that sets the United States apart from other places in the world is the rights citizens have to life, liberty, and the freedom to pursue happiness. But when the government takes too much control of things affecting everyday life, Americans begin to lose power over their choices, chipping away at individual liberties afforded by the US Constitution.

A Gallup poll conducted during the first half of September showed most citizens feel the government is too hands-on in their lives. Because elected officials are in office to serve the American people, it’s important to note what the people most want.

The Problem With Big Brother

The poll outlines Republicans and Independents think the government has its hands in too many pots, and even 18% of Democrats agree. This sweeping view likely stems from increased mask and vaccine mandates across the country, but it didn’t start there. It merely highlighted what can happen when regulations start affecting freedom.

For example, the government gradually raised taxes on cigarettes and liquor to decrease consumption and regulate public health as a byproduct. While those two vices are arguably bad for people’s overall health, that’s not precisely the point. It’s a matter of freedom versus coercion. What if the government decides cake is also bad for people’s health? Soon you have leaders telling Americans what they can and can’t have in their own kitchens (cake), living rooms (television) or bedrooms (relationships).

Of course, the reason for a representative government is so they can wisely guide citizens to a certain extent, but there’s a fine line between guidance and free will. One supports the country while the other threatens democracy.

Political overreach is a danger to freedom and autonomy because once government entities decide what’s best for individuals, they rob people of their freedom of choice. And that goes against the foundational principles of the United States.

What Americans Want

Many Americans are showing their anger at federal and state overreach to vaccine and mask mandates by staging protests all over the country. While political affiliation seems to be a primary driver in the desire for limited government, the Gallup poll reveals 54% of Americans believe the elected leaders have too much power. Additionally, 77% of Republicans and about 50% of Independents prefer to forego government services if that means lower taxes, while only 19% of Democrats agree.

Although the preference for government involvement and social programs indeed run along party lines, most Independents prefer smaller government. Lumped together, that represents a majority of Americans who are reluctant to tolerate government overreach.

A Healthy Balance

Perhaps America needs to restore a healthy representative balance in the officials they elect. Unless citizens pay careful attention to maintaining individual liberties and freedoms, the US could change direction from a free representative republic toward tyranny.

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