New Poll Shows Americans Don’t Think America Best Place to Live

New Poll Shows Americans Don't Think America Best Place to Live

( – As Americans, we’re taught that our country is the best on Earth. We have an unparalleled amount of freedom, and millions of immigrants have come to this country to pursue a better life. That’s what makes a recent poll so shocking.

According to a July 1 Fox News report, the number of people who think the US is the best country to live in is dropping. A recent survey conducted by the conservative news outlet shows that 69% of Americans believe the country is the best. However, that’s a drop from 83% of those polled in 2015 and down from 84% of respondents in 2011. What’s worse is that 26% said the US was not the best place to live.

The majority of the respondents who said the country was not the best were under the age of 45. Additionally, only 52% of those polled said the US has the best days ahead; that’s a record low.

The poll results come amid a controversy over Olympic athlete Gwen Berry, who turned her back on the flag during the national anthem last month. Many Conservatives have wondered why she’ll be representing America when she does not like or respect it. Over the last few years, many on the Left have also spread anti-American rhetoric. Most recently, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) compared the US to a terrorist organization.

One has to wonder if so many people believe the US isn’t the best place to live, why are they here? Perhaps they could move to their favorite nations and free up some space during rush hour traffic.

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