New Poll Reveals Shocking News About Trump

New Poll Reveals Shocking Trump News

( – On February 13, former President Donald Trump beat the second impeachment case against him. The Senate found him not guilty of one charge of inciting an insurrection. Now he’s free to move forward with his plans, and a new poll shows he still has widespread support among voters.

A new Suffolk University/USA TODAY Poll, published on February 21, found that 46% of those surveyed said they would “abandon the GOP and join the Trump party” if he created a third political party, while 27% would not. The remaining people polled were undecided.

Pollsters also asked if the GOP voters would elect Trump again, and 76% said “yes.”

The country and the GOP are are facing an incredible political divide. The establishment wants to move on from Trump, but many of the voters are clearly signaling he’s the person they trust. Republicans will have to take his agenda and move forward with it, putting America first, or risk losing their base. The choice is theirs.

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