New Party Coalition Crafted By Former Republicans and Democrats: Will It Succeed?

New Party Coalition Crafted By Former Republicans and Democrats: Will It Succeed?

A Brand New Third Party Has Been Launched — Will It Succeed? 

( – The United States has essentially had mainly a two-party system since the late 1700s. Businessman Andrew Yang, who ran on a Democratic ticket for the White House in 2020, teamed up with several former officials from both the Republican and Democratic sides to form a new player for Americans to choose from — the Forward Party. Reuters first made the announcement on July 27.

What’s Behind Forward?

Yang and former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman (R) created the political addition as a “viable alternative” to the Right and the Left. The leaders plan to travel the country and communicate where the party stands on key issues to garner support. It will officially launch on September 24 in Houston, Texas, and hold its first national convention sometime in the summer of 2023.

Members of the new choice pointed to a previous Gallup poll which said the majority of Americans want another viable body other than Republicans and Democrats. The 2021 survey showed many voters no longer feel represented in government, fueling their calls for something different.

The founders basically merged the Renew America Movement, the Forward Party, and the Serve America Movement into one. Each group housed members of the Right, Left, and Independents.

Forward lists two pillars making up the group’s focal point: bring fairness back to politics and help the economy while restoring confidence in the government and giving Americans different choices. It’s also labeled as a centrist, which makes sense considering it is a culmination of various viewpoints and ideals. The group was set to announce its policies on July 28. The question is: Will the new choice simply dilute support for the two main parties?

Reactions to the News

According to Reuters, Democrats were most concerned Forward would take Left voters, thereby strengthening those running on a Republican ticket. What this will mean for Independent voters is unclear. There may be cause for concern, as the newly-formed coalition plans to be up and running in all 50 states just in time for the 2024 general election.

Former Homeland Security official Miles Taylor, who also helped create the movement, admitted third parties have formed and failed in the past. This time he thinks Americans will embrace the opportunity to make another choice. In fact, he said, “they want one.” Although it’s unclear whether or not Forward can pull off what other parties could not, the 2021 poll indicates voters might welcome the arrival.

Do you think the new party will succeed?

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