New Orleans Establishing Task Force To Deal With Crime

New Orleans Establishing Task Force To Address Crime

( – Multiple cities so far in 2023 have shown an increase in violent crime. The Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC, reported there were already two more murders compared to the same timeframe in 2022. New Orleans, Louisiana, officials reported there were already more than 12 murders in The Crescent City. That concerning number prompted local leaders to take action.

On January 11, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell (D) signed an executive order announcing her creation of a 14-member violence reduction task force to bring down crime in the city. Those joining the effort include various members of the judicial branch of government and leaders from several different organizations spanning everything from health to gun violence to public safety.

Orleans Parish Communication District (OPCD) Executive Director Tyrell Morris will lead the task force. He is already an experienced public safety executive who seems like a natural choice to head the group. According to WWL TV, the assigned leader said the group’s top priority will be to reduce violent crime instances and get criminals out of communities and where they belong — behind bars.

Cantrell promised the new body would meet with the city council and other members of the community to assess what is needed to address and solve the problem. She said in a statement that together is the only way to improve the “overall quality of life” for all those living in and visiting New Orleans, which is a very popular tourist attraction, especially around Mardi Gras.

The mayor is giving the group about 60 days to observe what’s going on in the city and evaluate existing policies to produce a report outlining new rules and actions the government can take to ensure the safety of the New Orleans community. In a press conference, she called violent crime a public “epidemic” that threatens the health of the public at large that must be solved.

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