New Organized Crime Group Terrorizing City is Led By Illegals

( – America’s largest cities are feeling the ramifications of the crisis at the southern border. One Chicago suburb has seen an uptick in retail theft, mostly committed by illegal migrants. The Oak Brook Police Department reported the arrest of 47 illegal migrants within the last three months. Outside of retail theft, the illegal migrants were also arrested for burglarizing homes and cars. The Oak Brook shopping mall has seen the worst of the retail theft in the Chicago suburb, with thousands of dollars in merchandise stolen from multiple stores.

Two male illegal migrants from Venezuela were arrested in October 2023 for stealing around $2,000 worth of clothes from Macy’s in Oak Brook. Then in November, two other illegal migrant men stole over $2,800 worth of merchandise from the same store. Local officials reported that the thieves were lining backpacks with tinfoil to avoid setting off anti-theft alarms when leaving with the stolen items. In December, two other Venezuelan illegal migrant men were arrested for stealing from the same Macy’s store in Oak Brook.

Five illegal migrant men from Venezuela were arrested after stealing merchandise from Kohl’s in Elmhurst on Black Friday 2023. Two others were arrested for stealing over $750 in clothing from Macy’s in Oak Brook. The State’s Attorney for DuPage County, Bob Berlin, issued a warning to the public after the thefts. He wrote that the county has a “zero tolerance for criminal activity” and that potential thieves should know that they are “going to be arrested, they’re going to be charged, and they’re going to be prosecuted.” Berlin noted that the recently implemented Safe-T Act had resulted in their release from jail.

The Safe-T Act was signed into law by Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker in 2021 but did not go into effect until September 2023 due to legal challenges. Among many police reforms, the Act ended cash bail in the state, allowing the immediate release of most offenders who do not pose a risk to the public.

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