New Data Shows Joe Biden Has Lost Independents

New Data Shows Joe Biden Has Lost Independents

( – Working for a big corporation in the business world, workers might receive a review a couple of times a year. But when you’re the President of the United States, job performance is heavily monitored continually to ensure the satisfaction of the majority of Americans.

So, when the POTUS conducts a massive withdrawal from a 20-year war overseas ending with fatalities, the people’s opinion will reflect in the polls.

In fact, immediately following the departure from Afghanistan, NPR/PBS/Marist Biden approval numbers showed a 10% drop among Independent voters. And it’s not only this sector of citizens who disapprove of Biden’s performance. The president’s overall rating also dropped to 43%, according to the same source.

Only time will tell if these numbers are only temporary from recent events in the Middle East, or if this downward trend will continue. But with a 5% decrease in support even among the Left, the outlook looks dismal.

Considering midterm elections are right around the corner, that could mean good news for Republicans who are anxious to gain control of the Senate. Unless the numbers turn around, there may be a chance they’ll get their wish.

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