NBA Superstar Stirs the Pot in Brittney Griner Case

NBA Superstar Stirs the Pot in Brittney Griner Case

NBA LEGEND Causes Controversy In Brittney Griner’s Legal Case

( – Long-time NBA player LeBron James recently suggested Russian prisoner and US citizen, WNBA’s Brittney Griner, should reconsider returning to the United States upon her release. The pro said President Joe Biden hasn’t done anything to get her out of the foreign jail, so clearly, the United States doesn’t have “her back.”

He pointed out former President Donald Trump oversaw many prisoners’ releases, wondering why this administration can’t do the same.

Griner has pleaded with the president to secure her release, as she’s afraid she will never be able to leave the country. She said her father is a Vietnam vet, she misses her family, and she revealed she voted for Biden in 2020. Unfortunately, the basketball player pleaded guilty to possessing vape cartridges at a Russian airport and is set to serve 10 years in prison, making the matter even more complicated.

Officials from the White House claim they’re doing all they can to bring Griner home but offered no details on the matter. The strategy may involve a prisoner exchange, but some of the potential candidates don’t seem like a good match, considering one has a murder charge, and the other is serving time for spying.

What do you think about James’ comment about how the women’s basketball player would be justified in not wanting to return to American soil? Do you agree?

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