Nancy Pelosi Reveals No Vote on Infrastructure This Month

Nancy Pelosi Reveals No Vote on Infrastructure This Month

( – After the anticipated $1 trillion infrastructure package passed the Senate on August 10, the next step on its journey to becoming law is to face a vote in the House of Representatives. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is refusing to bring the bill to the floor. She’s holding onto it until the much larger $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill, packed with Democrat-championed, progressive social features and a climate-focused agenda, passes the Senate.

But some Moderate Democrats are unhappy about Pelosi using their bipartisan effort as a way to quietly get what she and other progressives really want. The result could be that both pieces of legislation die before anyone gets what they need — especially the American people.

A Tale of Two Bills

The smaller infrastructure proposal awaiting presentation in the House represents both Republicans and Democrats working together to provide a framework they believe the US needs to thrive.

It includes clean transportation, power, and water plans in addition to universal broadband changes and steps to fight climate issues.

But instead of allowing a vote on the bill now, the House Speaker is holding it hostage to push through the Democrats’ expanded vision of child tax credits, community college, universal pre-k, and additional coverages for Medicare recipients — to the tune of $3.5 trillion.

This larger piece should slide through during reconciliation, which only requires a simple majority to bypass a Republican filibuster and become law through Democrat Party support.

Controversy Over Timing

Moderate Democrat Representative Scott Peters (D-CA) doesn’t see the need for the bill to sit, and is anxious to put it to a vote. Plus, Representatives Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) and Jared Golden (D-ME) worry that the aggressive reconciliation package could harm the economy. Instead, they want to take the rare opportunity to pass the cooperative bill without tying it to the more expensive and progressive legislation.

Given the hesitation from select Democrats, some question whether Pelosi can gather the votes to pass the smaller bill later if she sits on it. But the seasoned politician remains confident she can garner the support she needs to pass both packages.

The Fate the Bipartisan Package

The American people won’t have to wait long to see how her plan will play out, as the House will view the Senate’s budget when it reconvenes at the end of August. If the citizens are not happy with the strategic games happening in DC, they can always show their displeasure the next time they cast their ballots.

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