Misconduct Allegations Multiply Against Bill Gates

Multiple Women Accuse Bill Gates of Misconduct

(LibertySociety.com) – In May, Bill and Melinda Gates announced they’re divorcing. Soon after, allegations that the Microsoft co-founder was unfaithful to his wife came to light. Now, company employees are accusing him of misconduct.

According to a June 29 report by Business Insider, four Microsoft employees accused Bill Gates of being a bully. They claimed that one of his favorite criticisms was, “That’s the stupidest f***ing idea I’ve ever heard.” He’s also accused of pursuing sexual affairs with reporters and people who worked for him.

One former company executive said he saw Gates on top of a woman at a company retreat in 1988. Maria Klawe, a former Microsoft board member, said that the billionaire was not interested in making the company’s leadership more diverse. Another employee said they avoided meeting with him because all he did was yell.

Gates is also accused of having had a very close relationship with deceased sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. Spokespeople for the tech founder denied that allegation. However, neither he nor his PR team denied allegations that he’s a bully who acted inappropriately toward the women who worked for him.

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