MTG Wants To Have Merrick Garland Impeached

MTG Files Articles Of Impeachment Against Merrick Garland

( – After years of complaints from Republicans in the House and the Senate, along with countless hearings regarding the actions of the Department of Justice (DOJ), one representative has taken action against the head of the DOJ. According to recent reports, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., filed articles of impeachment against United States Attorney General Merrick Garland on May 17th, 2023. Rep. Greene is accusing AG Garland of “facilitating the weaponization and politicization” of the DOJ, saying that American people are now being targeted.

Rep. Greene cited multiple ways in which she believes AG Garland has violated his oath to the Constitution, including the decision to investigate parents who were speaking out at school board meetings and his choice to allow protestors to remain outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices before and after Roe v. Wade was overturned. She also accused Garland of going after Catholics and pro-life supporters.

Rep. Greene also cited Garland for “persecuting former and future President Donald J. Trump.” Garland has been accused of lying under oath by Representative Greg Murphy, R-N.C. when an email suggested the DOJ placed a domestic terrorism threat tag on parents who were attending school board meetings, despite AG Garland’s testimony to the contrary.

AG Garland also gave authorization for the raid of Mar-a-Lago for alleged classified documents that Trump kept at his residence, which drew backlash from some Republicans who argued he scheduled agreed-upon searches of the residences of President Joe Biden and former Vice President Mike Pence for the exact same thing. Rep. Greene has also filed articles of impeachment against Biden, FBI Director Christopher Wray, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and US Attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves, according to USA Today.

Greene reportedly revealed back in August 2022 that she had drafted articles of impeachment for Garland.

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