More Republicans On Board with Biden Impeachment Inquiry

( – Mainstream media outlets have already begun crafting the narrative that they will abide by during the upcoming impeachment inquiry hearings over the next several weeks. After receiving guidance from the White House Counsel, most outlets have accused House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of caving to the extreme right wing of the Republican Party.

They also claimed that some Republicans are now working in lockstep with McCarthy after previously doubting that an impeachment inquiry of President Biden was warranted. Despite the Democrats’ incessant all-or-nothing method of lawmaking that they back up with scripted talking points, the media has no interest in accepting the reasons why Republicans are on board with the inquiry.

NBC News received comments from multiple lawmakers who attributed their support to relying on the findings of the committees that have been tasked with the inquiry. Nevertheless, the outlet wrote that “the shift in tone” is a reflection of “the continued reluctance of House Republicans in swing districts to buck their party leaders.” NBC pointed out that Representative Dan Bacon, R-Neb., previously cautioned against impeachment due to the lack of evidence against President Biden. The outlet failed to mention that Bacon made that comment before United States Attorney General Merrick Garland named U.S. Attorney David Weiss as Special Counsel for his investigation into Hunter Biden.

NBC also omitted the recent discovery of pseudonymous emails from then-Vice President Biden to Hunter Biden that discussed official government business with Ukraine. President Biden has repeatedly said that he was not involved in any of his son’s business dealings, but the new evidence prompted lawmakers to push for an impeachment inquiry to get full subpoena power.

NBC claimed that McCarthy chose not to hold a formal vote to open the impeachment inquiry to save representatives in swing districts from backlash, but Representative Mike Garcia, R-Calif., disagrees. He told NBC that he would have voted for the inquiry and would make his decision whether to impeach based on the evidence that the committees present.

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