More Information Brings Hunter Biden Email Scandal Back to Light

Hunter Biden Emails Confirm Scandal

( – Emails stored on Hunter Biden’s laptop have stirred controversy in recent days. Most mainstream media outlets brushed the story off as ‘disinformation’ when the story was originally released by the New York Post last year. Nevertheless, Politico recently confirmed there might be some truth to those emails after all.

Ben Schreckinger’s new book, “The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power,” shines light on communications between Hunter Biden, his business partners, and Vadym Pozharskyi. At least one of the emails seems to prove then-Vice President Joe Biden met with executives from Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas company, in April 2015.

In April 2019, a laptop allegedly belonging to then-candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, surfaced. Emails stored on the device’s hard drive suggested that both he and his father held clandestine meetings with a Ukrainian energy company executive. As it was all but impossible to corroborate the data, most media outlets brushed the story off as disinformation.

Politico admits an unknown entity could have slipped false information into the correspondence, rendering them distracting at best. Yet, two separate sources say the emails themselves are real.

The emails remain suspect at the present point in time until experts can corroborate the data or otherwise prove its validity. But with two independent sources confirming their existence, they at least raise questions about corruption within Biden’s family.

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