Money Behind RFK Jr. Suggests Switch to Independent

( – Rumors have begun swirling about the possibility of Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. switching to independent status. While many have called for him to leave the Democratic Party ticket for many months, a major Super PAC that has been supporting Kennedy’s campaign has begun polling to see the level of support he would receive as an Independent. Democrats and the left-leaning media have repeatedly accused Kennedy of running to take votes away from President Biden, but the American Values 2024 PAC found the opposite. Kennedy would instead pull votes away from former President Trump if he ran as an Independent.

The poll found that when a “generic” independent candidate is added to the mix, Trump receives 40 percent of the vote to Biden’s 38 percent. The generic candidate received 17 percent of the vote. Respondents answered differently with Kennedy listed as the Independent candidate, as Biden and Trump both received 38 percent of the vote to Kennedy’s 19 percent. Kennedy plans to make a big announcement in Philadelphia on October 9, with most believing he will be making his departure from the Democrat Party official.

Kennedy has raised millions of dollars over the last several months with the help of the Super PAC and celebrities like Eric Clapton and Pierce Brosnan. Kennedy could be favoring a switch to increase the exposure of his campaign since the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has no plans to hold debates. While normal for incumbent presidents, Kennedy thinks that he has a chance to beat Biden in the primaries. Tony Lyons, who co-founded the Super PAC backing Kennedy, said that “any outcome that allows people to be heard” and make their own decisions would be the best way to move forward. As of now, Biden, Kennedy, and author Marianne Williamson are the candidates on the Democratic ticket, but that could soon change over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, left-leaning media outlets are still claiming Kennedy would be helping Trump if he ran as an Independent.

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