Mitt Romney May Finally Have a Challenger for the US Senate

Mitt Romney May Finally Have a Challenger for the US Senate

( – Longtime politician Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) might finally have some competition for his seat in Congress come 2024.

The legislator has not formally announced he would run for the senate position in Utah for a second time, at least not yet. He’s been in place since 2019, after losing his bid for President of the United States in 2012.

According to Politico, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes met with key players in the state’s political arena, and some believe he will run for the senate seat in 2024. It is predicted he will announce his decision in May.

Reyes ran for his current position in 2012 and lost, only to win the office in 2013 after former Utah Attorney General John Swallow resigned. He won the position again in 2020. The attorney general took some time off after the 2020 general election to help former President Donald Trump challenge the validity of the race results for POTUS. A firm Trump supporter, Reyes believes there were some innocent voting mistakes and others that appeared “very intentional.”

The source who spoke to Politico stated Reyes is seriously thinking about a run against Romney, who many believe will retire after his term expires in 2024. If he does, will Reyes be the logical successor?

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