Mitt Romney Calls Out “Stupid” Tactics Democrats Are Using

Mitt Romney Calls Out

Mitt Romney BLASTS “Stupid” Dem Plan – Says It Could Backfire!

( – On July 19, Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) voiced his opinion about the “stupid” strategy of the Democratic party and its approach to the midterm elections. The legislator said the Left is monetarily supporting Republican candidates who deny the legitimacy of the 2020 general election along with former President Donald Trump. Evidently, they believe doing so will guarantee them a win.

Romney said the tactic could backfire and hurt the United States overall.

While the long-time politician admitted the move isn’t illegal, he warned Democrats to be careful because one of those picks could actually succeed and spell trouble for everyone. Romney has never believed Trump’s allegations regarding the last presidential election and has criticized the former president’s subsequent conduct. In fact, the legislator was one of the Republicans in the Senate who voted to convict the previous US leader after his first impeachment.

According to Romney, Democrats are banking on the candidate’s belief in the election fraud claims tanking their campaigns, but that’s not necessarily happening in some cases. He pointed to Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Maryland as prime examples of a plan that could go wrong. He believes the liberal party is playing a dangerous game.

Do you think the games the Left is playing to spark a Blue wave will come back to bite them in the end?

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