Missouri AG Moves To Push Out Circuit Attorney

Missouri AG Moves To Push Out Disgraced Circuit Attorney

(LibertySociety.com) – Kim Gardner, St. Louis Circuit Attorney is under fire yet again for her actions, facing major backlash. Gardner, who won her race with the help of large donations from George Soros, is most known for her political prosecution of former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens in 2018, a prosecution that she was forced to withdraw after admitting that she didn’t have the evidence against him that she built her case around. Gardner subsequently found herself under investigation in 2020, and was ultimately reprimanded by the Missouri Supreme Court for alleged misconduct.

Gardner is one of many prosecutors throughout the nation who has taken a progressive stance on crime, in many cases viewing the criminal as the victim of systematic injustice. She has been accused of neglecting to prosecute cases she was in charge of. According to Fox News, the new Missouri Attorney General has taken steps to have her removed from office after a repeat offender who violated his bond conditions multiple times barreled through a yield sign and hit multiple people walking in a crosswalk, including a 17-year-old girl who ended up losing her legs.

It was previously reported that Attorney General Andrew Bailey called on Gardner to resign on February 22. However, when Gardner failed to do so, Bailey revealed that he started the process to have her ousted. It will be up to a judge to determine whether or not Gardner neglected her responsibilities.

Bailey said in a statement that “Instead of protecting victims, Circuit Attorney Gardner is creating them,” adding that his job includes protecting the people who live in St. Louis. Gardner’s office issued a statement in response, defending the prosecutor, claiming that bond conditions are set by a judge and that she had opposed the conditions that were recommended for this offender on multiple occasions. Fox News reports that the mayor of St. Louis has spoken out about the actions of Gardner, stating that she had “lost the trust of the people,” but did not go so far to call for her resignation.

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