Minnesota Mayor Thinks Police Don’t Need Guns at Traffic Stops

Minnesota Mayor Thinks Police Don't Need Guns at Traffic Stops

(LibertySociety.com) – The April 11 accidental police shooting of Daunte Wright has sparked outrage across the country. Riots swept through some cities, the officer who pulled the trigger was charged with manslaughter, and Americans all over are voicing their opinions about the incident. The comments by one Minnesota politician are sparking outrage.

On Tuesday, April 13, Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliot (D) discussed the recent shooting in his city when he made an absurd comment. The mayor said he doesn’t believe that cops “need to necessarily have weapons” every time they make a traffic stop. He pointed to other countries where those officers allegedly don’t have weapons.

First, who decides when they need guns and when they don’t need them? Many police officers feel that traffic stops are one of the most dangerous parts of their jobs. While often forgettable, they feel they can never approach a stop knowing for certain it will remain “routine.” They need their weapons to protect themselves. So, why would the mayor ever suggest putting cops in positions that could leave them hurt or worse?

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