Millions of Americans About to Face Huge Economic Crisis

Millions of Americans About to Face Huge Economic Crisis

( – When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, America was rightfully frightened. The virus was deadly and easily transmissible. Then-President Donald Trump jumped into action. He quickly formed a task force to handle the coronavirus, and every day, he updated the American people. But Trump also issued a warning. He told state and local governments that they needed to make sure they did not make the cure worse than the disease.

In other words, Trump wanted the officials to respond with targeted plans to make sure they didn’t cause a huge economic problem. Unfortunately, many did not listen. Almost a year later, there are still many states with restrictions in place even though the virus is everywhere. And that, coupled with the fact that unemployment benefits will end for millions very soon, is causing many people to ask: What now?

Unemployment Benefits

On Wednesday, February 10, The Century Foundation released a report outlining when millions of Americans will lose their benefits. About 4 million will no longer receive the payments in mid-March, another 7.3 million will see theirs expire in the following four weeks.

That leaves more than 11 million people without the financial help they need to scrape by. What is President Joe Biden doing about it? The current relief plan will supposedly offer more unemployment through September, but when will that be passed?

Biden’s Questionable Policies

Instead of making job creation his administration’s number one priority, Biden has actually taken steps that cost jobs. He attacked the energy sector, eliminating 1,000 jobs and killing 10,000 more expected construction positions. Meanwhile, he’s pushing through a $1.9-trillion stimulus package that won’t create jobs but will add to the growing deficit.

The country needs leadership, but so far, it doesn’t look as though Biden will be the one to provide it. And he certainly isn’t making the employment situation any better.

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