Military Cadet Dies Abruptly at the Academy

Air Force Cadet Dies Suddenly at the Academy

( – The Air Force Academy is an institution of higher learning for people who want to earn a degree and commit to serving in the US Armed Forces. The facility has been in Colorado Springs since first breaking ground in 1955 and over 50,000 officers have graduated throughout its decades of existence. Like many other colleges, the facility has its own football team. Sadly, tragedy recently struck the institute, taking the life of a man who was just 21 years old.

On January 10, the Academy announced the death of Cadet 3rd Class Hunter Brown. The offensive lineman who played for the Falcon football team was reportedly leaving his dorm to start his day when he had a health emergency. Medical responders arrived on the scene and tried to help the sophomore but were unable to save him. Brown’s exact cause of death is unknown to the public.

According to the announcement, the Commandant of Cadets, Brigadier General Paul Moga, broke the news to the students, offering support to deal with the loss in the form of mental health professionals and chaplains who would be there to help with their grief. There was also an outpouring of love for those impacted by the loss on social media. The US Military Academy at West Point’s Twitter account expressed sadness after the news, saying they sent their “heartfelt sympathies and condolences” to the young man’s loved ones.

Brown was from Lake Charles, Louisiana, and joined the school to pursue a degree in management. He was an integral part of the Academy’s football team’s winning record for two years straight.

Brown’s family had not yet made a statement about their loss as of January 12.

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