Mike Pence Officially Running for President

Mike Pence Officially Running for President

(LibertySociety.com) – Back in April 2023, former Vice President of the United States during the Trump administration, Mike Pence, told Fox News, “I do think we’ll have better choices,” when asked about former President Donald Trump’s strong polling numbers. It seemed as if he was referring to himself, and it was revealed on June 1st, 2023, that he would be announcing his own bid for the White House on June 7th during a visit to Iowa, the first primary election state.

He did just that. During his announcement, he launched his campaign by offering sharp criticism of Trump. He ripped into the former president for moving away from what he considers to be important Conservative Principles, according to NBC. In addition, he touched on the events following the 2020 election, accusing Trump of trying to force him “to choose between him and the Constitution.”

It was revealed that Pence would kick off his campaign by visiting every county in the state of Iowa, which is something Republican Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has done for the past 42 years. ABC News reported that Scott Reed, who co-chairs the Committed to America PAC, boasted about the county tour, saying that it will be “like we’re running him for county sheriff.” On the day of his announcement, Pence also participated in a Town Hall Event with CNN, giving viewers the opportunity to compare his campaign platform with former President Trump’s, who recently stated his case during a Town Hall with the network.

Pence previously participated in a Town Hall event with CNN back in November 2022 moderated by Jake Tapper, which was handled in stark contrast to Kaitlan Collins’ event with the 45th President. During the Pence event, he told Tapper that he and then-President Trump “parted amicably” after their last meeting following the events of January 6th, 2021, and spoke highly of their work during the Trump administration. However, he also insinuated that he had a better preference than former President Trump for the frontrunner of the 2024 election.

Pence has consistently received just 1% support in most 2024 primary election polls, but it is unknown if that number will increase now that he has made his official announcement. A number of other Republicans are also vying for the party nomination.

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