Mike Bloomberg Predicts Total “Wipeout” for Democrats Due to Their Own Radicalism

Mike Bloomberg Predicts Total

(LibertySociety.com) – Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks the Democrat party could lose big in 2022 unless they unify and change direction to align with more Americans. He stated his concern the left could face a “wipeout” short of an “immediate course correction.” Bloomberg said the recent school board member recall in liberal San Francisco should sound the alarm for Democrats looking to win or keep seats in the upcoming election. Many Republicans agree their party will regain power in Congress after the upcoming midterm elections in November, and clearly, they aren’t alone.

A Divided Party

Bloomberg insists swing voters will decide who wins in November, and many are shying away from the left’s liberal rhetoric. For example, Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) called those who wanted to defund the police “out of touch with reality.” Most Democrats have shied away from beating that drum after finding it turned off more voters than it attracted. Representative Val Demings (D-FL) tries to reframe the narrative by stating they don’t want “to see less police.” However, the turn may be too late, as cracks are already showing among previous supporters of the Democrat party.

Democrat pollster John Anzalone says Hispanic voters are “becoming swing voters.” A poll by the Wall Street Journal in December 2021 showed that 44% would vote for former President Donald Trump if he decided to run in 2024. Unfortunately for the left, only 44% said they would vote for President Joe Biden even though he won 63% of the Hispanic vote in 2020.

Unite or Fall

Clearly, those numbers show that specific sector of the population is gravitating toward the Republican party, which could help them win the midterm elections. Even Bloomberg, a member of the Democrat Party, believes the left needs to unite their message immediately if they plan to stay in power. Many feel the change would come too late, as the message of more liberal policies may have alienated enough voters to lose elections.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” panelist Donny Deutsch agreed with the former mayor when he commented Democrats need to distance themselves from what he refers to as “super-wokeness.” The show’s host Joe Scarborough stated the extreme Leftist views are hurting Democrat candidates’ chances of winning or holding onto congressional seats.

Perhaps the divided party is just what Republicans need to sweep the midterms and return to legislative power.

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