Michelle Obama Criticized on Social Media After Using New “Woke” Word

Michelle Obama Criticized on Social Media After Using New

Michelle Obama Gets SHREDDED On Social Media After Pushing Latest Crazy Pronoun

(LibertySociety.com) – On May 14, a Twitter post by former First Lady Michelle Obama referred to women as womxn, prompting a swift backlash on social media. The post was addressing the SCOTUS leak regarding Roe v. Wade and included the woke new version of woman meant to encompass transgender individuals into the vernacular. Her main concern seemed to be women’s rights, but her choice of spelling had many people up in arms.

Representative Lauren Bobert (R-CO) reacted to the tweet with anger, stating Obama and others are in the process of “erasing women.”

Responses to Obama’s use of the alternate spelling of women included everything from wondering how to pronounce such a word to others calling it a “weird woke” term.

Fox News reported some on the Left believe the word woman is problematic, stemming from “patriarchal roots.”

The former first lady also used the same term on an Instagram post but removed womxn after receiving backlash from the public. However, she left her core message up with her concern for the future of women in America and encouraged people to register and vote in November to preserve women’s rights.

Whether the new term will catch on among Democrats remains to be seen. It’s safe to assume Republicans will stick with the traditional spelling.

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