Melania Trump Reveals Pressing Details of FBI Raid

Melania Trump Reveals Pressing Details of FBI Raid

Melania Trump EXPOSES Feds – Source Reveals What They Really Did

( – Former President Donald Trump has been very vocal about his feelings regarding the recent FBI raid at his home in Mar-a-Lago, as he is outspoken about many other political issues. However, his wife remained more reserved about the situation, at least up until recently. While Melania herself has not publicly expressed her sentiments, those close to Melania Trump revealed she actually had something to say about the whole ordeal.

The former president stated the FBI left Mar-a-Lago in shambles, with his wife feeling like the government “contaminated” their home. Agents reportedly invaded her personal space by rummaging through the former first lady’s closet and rifling through other private items. Her friends revealed she felt “violated” after realizing what had happened.

Close acquaintances made note that no one was allowed in her bedroom; surprisingly, not even the former president was allowed to enter nor keep his own personal items in her room. The sudden intrusion without warning became all the more egregious. Although Melania has not fully confirmed commentary, sources close to her say she was “irritated” by the raid and isn’t too concerned about the ongoing investigation against her husband.

During the search, the FBI removed over 30 boxes from Trump’s resort containing documents and items with varying classification levels. On September 5, US District Judge Aileen Cannon ordered the appointment of a special master to review the seized contents.

What do you think about the raid on Trump’s estate? Do you think it was warranted or yet another weaponization of the government against a former leader?

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