McCarthy Calls Out Biden’s Lie About Business Dealings

( – House Speaker Kevin McCarthy put President Joe Biden on blast during a Fox & Friends interview on June 26, criticizing him for lying about Hunter Biden’s business deals in China. On multiple occasions, Joe Biden denied that Hunter Biden engaged in business with China, notably during his campaign for president. Once new details emerged, he then claimed that he never discussed business with Hunter Biden.

The President also claimed that his son made no money from the Chinese deal, which also turned out to be false. Following the revelation that Hunter Bien did make a large sum of money in the deal, Hunter Biden’s attorney released a statement defending his right to engage in legitimate business deals with anyone he pleases.

Now more details of the business deal have become public after the House Ways and Means Committee released whistleblower testimonies that included a text message from Hunter to a Chinese Communist Party-linked businessman. In that text conversation, Hunter Biden indicate that he and his father were wondering why the business associate had not held up his end of the commitment, adding, “I am sitting here with my father.” President Biden has twice denied allegations of his involvement since the release of the text message, simply shouting “NO” to reporters who have screamed the question at him as he was walking away in the White House and most recently over the noise of a helicopter on June 28.

The White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has refused to answer questions regarding the matter during press briefings, and Attorney General Merrick Garland has denied all claims made by the whistleblowers about Department of Justice interference in the investigation of Hunter Biden. Backlash ensued after lawmakers learned the details of the whistleblower accusations just shortly after Hunter Biden’s plea deal agreement was made public. Many Republicans blasted the DOJ for the minimal charges Hunter Biden is facing before knowing about the testimonies of the whistleblowers, but their anger hit a whole new level after they were released. Speaker McCarthy has since indicated that he is considering impeaching AG Garland if the allegations turn out to be true.

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