McCarthy Announces Impeachment Inquiry

( – House Speaker Kevin McCarthy held a press conference outside his office on September 12, announcing that he had directed the House Committee to “open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.” For months, McCarthy has said that he would only move forward with an inquiry if the evidence warranted it. He now believes that the House Oversight Committee’s investigation has uncovered enough evidence of President Biden’s involvement in his family’s business dealings to move forward. Whistleblowers from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) also provided damning details regarding the Department of Justice’s (DOJs) interference with the investigation into Hunter Biden.

McCarthy said that the House Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means Committees will be conducting the inquiry. They will now have full subpoena power to request more documents from the various agencies that have stonewalled the Oversight Committee’s investigation since January. He said that the allegations against President Biden “paint a full picture of a culture of corruption,” and proceeded to list the reasons why he decided to order an inquiry. He also took aim at the DOJ for giving special treatment to members of the Biden family, which he believes would not have happened if Joe Biden was not president.

On September 13, a report from CNN revealed that the White House had drafted a memo to send to various mainstream news outlets, advising them on how to cover the impeachment inquiry. White House Counsel spokesperson Ian Sams claimed that the Republicans have no proof of President Biden’s involvement. He said that they will be spreading misinformation, for which the media needs to hold them to account.

Previously, McCarthy had mentioned that the House would have a full vote on whether to open an inquiry, but it appears that he has discarded that plan. McCarthy is facing heavy scrutiny from members of his own Party for failing to follow through with the promises he made when they voted for him to become Speaker of the House in January.

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