“Mayor Pete” Has Reportedly Used Taxpayer Funds on Private Jet Flights

(LibertySociety.com) – On December 12, Fox News Digital reported Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg flew at least 18 times on private jets funded by American taxpayers since he took his position — a move many are calling hypocritical, given his stance on climate change. The outlet said its team reviewed flight records with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), confirming the secretary flew to multiple states and abroad using non-commercial transportation.

Buttigieg just recently spoke about the role transportation plays in climate change, stating at a Georgetown University event that greenhouse gasses emitted by the sector is at least in part responsible for worsening natural disasters. The official said transportation needs to be “part of the solution” rather than the problem.

In response to the news, Texas State Representative Lance Gooden (R) questioned Buttigieg’s commitment to the environment.

Fox News co-host Emily Compagno thinks the transportation secretary should “walk the walk,” suggesting he should opt for commercial flights instead, according to the outlet. APT Executive Director Caitlin Sutherland seconded that notion when speaking to Fox News, adding that officials should immediately examine how much taxpayer money Buttigieg is spending by zooming around on private jets.

A Department of Transportation spokesperson responded to the controversy, telling Fox News Digital the secretary usually does fly commercial airlines when he travels. The agency claims Buttigieg only uses alternative means when it’s “more efficient and/or less expensive” to do so.

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